Consulting on Solar Panel Orientation

Many questions about the best tilt angle for solar panels can be answered in my main solar page. But some situations are more complex. If your panel orientation is only a few degrees from the optimum, it isn’t going to make a enough difference to worry about. But if you need an analysis for your particular situation, I can help. You may need help if:

Let me know the details, including your latitude, the orientation of your panels, and your specific question. My rates are:

Calculate the optimum tilt angle for the year $30 USD
Calculate the optimum tilt angles for the four seasons $50 USD
Other issues inquire

I accept PayPal.

Disclaimers: I do not forecast weather. An estimate of power generated is only an estimate, actual power production is affected by many factors. I don’t recommend any particular brand of solar panel. My analysis only determines the optimum angle under ideal conditions.

About me

I have a B.S. and M.S. from M.I.T., and have been consulting on solar projects since 2001. I have consulted on projects for single homes and for megawatt systems. I have consulted on projects located in North America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the South Pacific, and at latitudes ranging from within a few kilometers of the equator up to 62°. My own home has an off-grid photovoltaic power system.

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